Well after what seems like an eternity, to photograph a wedding with few restrictions was long overdue and such a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong I thoroughly love photographing the amazing lifestyle interiors and architectural photography that I do, as well as corporate marketing photography, but I have missed photographing events. They are such a nice occasion. 
Being able to photograph in a photojournalistic way, capturing what happens, using your eye to capture that perfect moment, and using the natural light to create works of art is something that I truly love doing. To be asked to photograph Meg and Ben’s wedding at Hyde House in the Cotswolds was great, and to have a couple who really value their photographs so allowed me time to take some amazing photographs of their day was fantastic. As you will see it was a relatively overcast yet pleasant day until the sun broke through in the evening, where we captured some beautiful sunset shots. I really enjoy photographing into the light. It offers so much creativity to capture something really different and interesting. It also pushes a photographer to use all his creativity to ensure that technically there is detail in all of the photograph, as well as produce something the bride and groom will love. 
I often get asked if it is better for there to be less sunshine and for it to be overcast, and from an ease of being able to take photographs yes it is. However from a creative perspective light and bright light in particular allow the opportunity of creating something different to the norm, so for me although I captured Meg and Ben’s day to the best, the most exciting time for me to photograph were those evening photographs, and I thank Meg and Ben for allowing me the time with them to capture something really unique and interesting. 
Meg and Ben had a really tough time in the run up to their wedding day with the threat of Covid restrictions looking to disrupt their wedding day. Who would have thought a year ago we would be under such tight restrictions about meeting in large groups. It is only two and a half weeks since Boris announced that the limit on the number of guests who could attend a wedding were to be lifted. Unfortunately still having to socially distance meant the the venue had to have restrictions in place as to the number of guests allowed, but for the most part Meg and Ben have been able to have the wedding they had originally planned, and then had a fantastic day. They certainly made the most of it, and to be part of it after such a surreal year was a great relief and realised for everyone involved. 
They are such a lovely couple and it has been a pleasure to share in their special day with them with all their family and friends. The photographs will be a wonderful reminder of their wedding, and I very much look forward to seeing them again soon and to creating their wedding album for them. 
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