Commercial Photography – Aquarius

Commercial Photography – Aquarius

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Yesterday I was asked to take some corporate photographs for a company north of Ripon called Aquarius.  They build Land Rovers that have the capability of going on the rail tracks to clear leaves and for maintenance purposes.  I was recommended to them by Peter Beresford of Redsky, who have done work for me and I subsequently have done some photography for them.  Redsky offer business support, including financial analysis to small and medium sized enterprises.  The photographs of their team on their website were taken by myself and as a result the team at Aquarius wanted something similar.  It was a great photo session as they are a great bunch of people, and again I captured some interesting photographs.  Please see some of the photographs I took:

Aquarius 1

Aquarius 2

Aquarius 3

Aquarius 4

Aquarius 5

Aquarius 6

Aquarius 7

Aquarius 8

Aquarius 9

Aquarius 10

Aquarius 11

Aquarius 12

Aquarius 13

Aquarius 14

Aquarius 15

Aquarius 16

Aquarius 17

Aquarius 18

Aquarius 19

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