Photographic Recession Victim – Spicer Hallfield in Administration

Photographic Recession Victim – Spicer Hallfield in Administration

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It has just been announced that the UK’s leading album manufacturer has gone in to administration.  Spicer Hallfield has been recognised for many years as one of the most popular album manufacturers for UK photographers.  They offer a range of different styles of album to cater for many styles of photography.  However apparently due to the reluctance of the RBS to increase their loan, they have found themselves in financial difficulty and the administrators have been called in.  The reports I have read indicate that the company will continue in some form, with the hope that an investor will take on the company.  It would have to be hoped so as a lot of UK photographers could also be affected as a result.

I personally use and continue to solely use Queensberry Albums of New Zealand.  In my opinion the highest quality of albums I can offer my clients, with very stylish simple designs.  With over 50 different cover materials to choose from my clients can have an album that is truly tailored to their own taste.

I do wish Spicer Hallfield all the best and hope that they find funding and continue trading, not only for the sake of the company and its employees, but also for its customers.

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