Quality v’s Price

Quality v’s Price

With the growing popularity of smart phone cameras, the largest UK retailer in the photographic industry closed its doors this month due to lack of sales of cameras and camera equipment. It made me wonder whether this was a trend that would affect the photographic industry as a whole and soon whether professional photographers will actually be needed. It may be of no surprise to hear of “so called” wedding photographers in Harrogate offering a service of photographing a wedding using an iPhone, but for me as a professional wedding photographer in York, who specialises in offering only the very best quality, this seems unbelievable.

People talk about megapixels as though it is the most important thing when it comes to a quality image. The iPhone currently offers 8 megapixels from its current iPhone 5 incarnation which is incredible, as very recently some very expensive professional cameras only offered this. However as a wedding photographer in Yorkshire who developed my career in the “analogue” film era, I strongly believe the quality is very much in the lens. My most recent purchase is a new Nikon 70-200 lens and it is superbly engineered. It has 21 individual lens elements to make up the lens. It needs that many to capture the amazing quality to ensure every part of an image captured is sharp. It is a £2000+ lens that captures stunning image quality no matter the number of megapixels the camera body has. However, add this lens to the full frame Nikon flagship camera body, the Nikon D4, and the image quality is incredible. Compare this lens to the physical size of a smartphone lens and there is no comparison. It is something that cannot be achieved not only from a smartphone, but also from lesser quality “cheaper” camera equipment.

Not every wedding photographer values quality choosing cheap camera equipment in order to offer a cheaper service. A good photographer should be able to use any camera and capture a great photograph. Good camera equipment will be able to capture great quality. Put the two together and you will get vastly superior photographs.

Do not compromise on your wedding photography in York. A great photographer will use great equipment and will have testimonials and a portfolio of work to backup his reputation for top quality stunning images.

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