Sandburn Hall Wedding Fair

Sandburn Hall Wedding Fair

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In addition to the Allerton Castle Wedding Experience I also had a stand at the very first Sandburn Hall wedding fair.  This was not really by design as originally the Allerton Castle fair was to be held in February but was rearranged to be on the same day as the Sandburn Hall fair which I had also booked.  I therefore asked Annita and my mum if they would be happy to man the Sandburn Hall stand for me, which they duly did and it sounds as though they had an enjoyable day.

Last week there was an awful lot of work involved in preparing for the two fairs, and I had to hire a separate set of display boards from Geoff at Fastlane Displays.  I had to give both Annita & mum a training session on the sorts of questions they would likely be asked and how to answer to provide accurate and meaningful information to potential couples.  I also had to select suitable albums to be used at both fairs to ensure that the range of albums I offer were available for people to look at.

It sounds as though there was a steady stream of people through the doors with little time during the day where there were quiet periods.  I apparently had a lot of positive comments about my work and quite a few people had heard of me already and were aware of my work.  In contrast to Allerton, couples were mainly enquiring about 2009 & 2010 wedding dates, and with 2009 dates almost full it would be nice to have the enquiries and bookings to fill 2009 and concentrate on 2010 and beyond.

Hayley and Sarah at Sandburn Hall have done a great job in organising their first wedding fair.  Sandburn is a nice venue for a wedding and has a lovely oak framed function room with a superb large south facing window.   Hayley and her team are particularly motivated and devoted to ensure a wedding day is well planned and runs like clockwork and I enjoy photographing weddings there.  If you are looking for a very nice yet different to the norm venue for a wedding then Sandburn Hall is definitely worth looking at.  Along with the Griffon Forest log cabins as a place for the bride to get ready and guests to stay in, it has a very nice overall package to make a wedding day very special.

It sounds as though the wedding fair was the success it deserved to be and I thank Hayley and Sarah for contacting me to have a stand at the fair.

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