Red Sky Corporate Photography

Red Sky Corporate Photography

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I have this afternoon just finished a corporate photography shoot for Red Sky, for their website.  Claire, Alex & Steve, all new to the Red Sky business, came to Myton for their portraits taking so I took the opportunity to try something a little different, to give a bit of variety to the shoot.  They are a great bunch of people, and Peter, who runs the business, was instrumental in me giving up paid employment to run my photography business full-time a few years ago.  Something which I am very grateful for, as it was the push that I needed to make the leap into self-employment.  I have also previously taken some photographs for the company, some of which appear on their website, and today with the employment of three new members to their team we updated their portfolio of photographs to use.  Here is a selection of those photographs taken:

Redsky 1

Redsky 2

Redsky 3

Redsky 4

Redsky 5

Redsky 6

Redsky 7

Redsky 8

Redsky 9


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