Display Fit UK Photography

Display Fit UK Photography

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Today I have been photographing a couple of displays for Linda Carter of Display Fit UK.  Display Fit UK create bathroom and kitchen displays in places like B&Q so that customers can see what they are like, and I was photographing a couple of displays at their own location in Bradford for the manufacturers to use in their own promotion.  It was not the easiest of photographic assignments with a whole host of reflections to deal with, but with a little work, and rearranging of lighting I believe I have managed to capture what they are looking for.

Although I specialise in weddings and do not promote or advertise for anything other than weddings, I do occasionally get asked to photograph other things.  I don’t mind taking on other work if I feel I can do justice to the subject, and the result is usually that I get more work from it.  Weddings are without doubt my passion and what I do photography for.  It is why I am in business as I absolutely love photographing weddings, however it is nice and does make a change to work for businesses and to do something a little different.  It was an enjoyable experience and hopefully it may lead to a little more work in the same line.  Here are a small selection of photographs that I took:

Display Fit UK 1

Display Fit UK 2

Display Fit UK 3

Display Fit UK 4

Display Fit UK 5

Display Fit UK 6

Display Fit UK 7

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