The Parsonage, Escrick Wedding – Joanne & David

The Parsonage, Escrick Wedding – Joanne & David

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A busy weekend for me this weekend with the first of two weddings being the marriage of Jo & Dave at St Mary’s Church in South Milford, followed by reception at The Parsonage in Escrick.

A lovely day all-in-all considering the pretty poor week prior to this, and for the most part the wedding party spent most of their time outside enjoying the lovely warm sunshine.  A lot of people say to me that it must be difficult photographing when the sun is so bright, and that I would probably prefer it overcast.  Quite the opposite actually.  I love it when it is sunny.  I love photographing in to the light.  It is generally not great when photographing people looking towards the sun as they tend to squint, and there can be very dark shadows contrasting with very bright whites of the dress and mens shirts.  Shooting in to the light though gives a superb back light with great colour.  The result is you will see lots of examples of my photography where I photograph with the sun facing me.  See what a lovely photograph it makes.  Try it yourself though be careful not to get any flare from your lens, or use the flare to your advantage.

Jo wore a beautiful Sophia Tolli dress supplied by Angel Brides in Horsforth.  The immaculately presented Rolls Royce car was supplied by Superior Motor Cars.  The Flowers and Venue Decor was organised by Emma Victoria of Beau Ideal in Pollington.

Here are some of the photographs taken to highlight Jo & Dave’s day.  They are now on honeymoon and I wish them a great time and look forward to creating their album for them in due course:

Damian J Bramley, DJB (Wedding Photographe

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