Crewe Hall Wedding – Emma & Peter

Crewe Hall Wedding – Emma & Peter

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What a fantastic weekend.  I have had an absolutely brilliant day photographing the wedding of Emma & Peter.  They are a lovely couple and I have met Emma before as she was the bridesmaid of a bride whose wedding I photographed nearly two years ago.  Emma looked stunning in her dress which really suited her.  You could see they both enjoyed themselves as they were constantly grinning and laughing whenever I saw them.

Emma & Peter got married at St Bertoline’s Church in Barthomley which is a very quaint church in a tiny village.  With the snow on the ground and a sunny day the lighting was excellent for most of the day.  The reception was then at Crewe Hall, a magnificent building with a long tree lined drive.  Again the snow gave it an air of idyllic romance.  Just the perfect winter wedding.

We had a lot of good banter throughout the day with the guests, and Emma’s farther in particular was interested in photography so we got on well.  A thoroughly enjoyable day, albeit a very long day (15 hours).  A selection of photographs are below:

Crewe Hall 1

Crewe Hall 2

Crewe Hall 3

Crewe Hall 4

Crewe Hall 5

Crewe Hall 6

Crewe Hall 7

Crewe Hall 8

Crewe Hall 9

Crewe Hall 10

Crewe Hall 11

Crewe Hall 12

Crewe Hall 13

Crewe Hall 14

Crewe Hall 15

Crewe Hall 16

Crewe Hall 17

Crewe Hall 18

Crewe Hall 19

Crewe Hall 20

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