Old Photographs to Digital | Scan Old Photographs | Scan Negatives to Digital | Photograph Restoration

Old Photographs to Digital | Scan Old Photographs | Scan Negatives to Digital | Photograph Restoration

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Despite specialising in wedding photography it is often not realised the other services we offer and have done in the past for our clients.  Working as a wedding photographer over the years you learn an awful lot, not only about photography, but digital imaging and image editing.  It is therefore worth posting to inform you of some of the other things we can do, from scanning old photographs, scanning negatives, photograph restoration, to photography training. 

Whether you are an artist, a media company, or private individual, we can offer a range of photography and digital imaging services to help you achieve your goals.

Old Photographs to Digital

One service which is very popular is our scanning services.  Scan old photographs to create a digital image, whether it be to JPeg file format, as a print, or a DVD of images to music, we have top of the range equipment and software to do this to the highest possible standard.  We can scan negatives to digital, scan slides to digital, as well as scan old photographs.

We have the facilities to create a DVD with menu facility of photographs in a slideshow, either with or without music accompaniment, and can create not only DVD’s but PC EXE files, screensavers, MP4 & AVI files.  MP4 files can be played on most smart phones including the iPhone.  Please contact us for more information and quote.

Photograph Restoration

Another popular service we offer is the restoration of old photographs.  Old photographs and negatives deteriorate over time, so it is often worth creating a digital copy of the photograph.  This allows you to keep the original safe and to limited its further deterioration whilst having a digital copy to print and hang on your wall.  We can repair the digital version of the photograph to how it used to look, removing creases and marks if required.

Again we can supply the image in digital image format, or as a digital print.  Our digital prints are light-fast guaranteed for 75 years under normal lighting conditions, and use nothing but the highest quality paper and inks.

Image Editing

We can offer image editing services for photographs and digital images that require work to create a desired effect, or to clean up or remove parts of the image.

Please use the contact form on the contacts page for more help, information and prices.

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