Brimham Rocks Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – Philippa & Tim

Brimham Rocks Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – Philippa & Tim

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After not posting anything on my blog for a little while I was reminded that there are quite a few of you who look forward to reading new articles and seeing new photographs taken.  It is therefore with pleasure that I post some photographs from Philippa & Tim’s pre-wedding photoshoot at Brimham Rocks on Saturday morning.  Despite being quite bright and sunny when I left home, by the time I reached Brimham Rocks it really was quite a miserable day, completely grey with persistent drizzle.  The sort that wets you through in no time at all.  Fortunately Philippa & Tim came well prepared with overcoats and wellies, and we set off in search of some interesting scenery which is in abundance at Brimham Rocks.

Despite not having much of a view on Saturday due to the drizzle, the weather made for some atmospheric photographs, and working in a very natural way capturing the two of them together exploring the area I was able to capture some interesting and textural landscape shots as well as a selection of formal portraiture.  The photographs, despite the weather, turned out great, and although after an hour of getting wet through, it was worth it especially getting to know Philippa & Tim a bit better before their wedding in a couple of months time.

I would highly recommend a pre-wedding photoshoot to those clients who are apprehensive about having their photograph taken, as it does help clients to relax so that on their wedding day they can concentrate on having a good time.

Here is a selection of the photographs taken which I hope you enjoy.

Damian J Bramley, DJB Photography (Exclusive Yorkshire Wedding Photographer)

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