Scarborough Spa Complex Wedding – Rachael & Thomas

Scarborough Spa Complex Wedding – Rachael & Thomas

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Wow!  What a weekend.  I was in Scarborough but could have been mistaken for being in Greece.  The weather was superb, and Scarborough looked amazing, not to mention Rachael & Tom whose wedding I was photographing.

Rachael & Tom were married at St Lawrence’s Church, Scalby, and then went on to the Spa Complex, via the clock tower where the couple took some time out to reflect on their wedding day and to take some photographs.  The weather made this possible as it was a scorcher of a day which luckily with part of the Spa Complex having an open air courtyard, made it possible for the wedding party to spend most of the day outside.

Bright sunlight is not always a good thing when photographing a wedding, particularly when the groom wears a black or dark suit and the bride is in ivory or white.  The limitations of what the camera can capture are put to the test as there is a compromise on what detail is captured in the highlights and dark areas of the photograph.  Being a professional wedding photographer I have the experience to make a judgement on the best exposure to take to ensure that each photograph taken is usable and correctly exposed.  Bright sunlight can however work to my advantage as I love back and side lighting so shooting into the light, in my opinion, is preferable when there is bright sunlight.  The exposure can again be difficult, but I have the camera on a manual setting all the time, and use the histogram when checking the exposure of photographs.  I never rely on an automatic setting as although 80% of photographs will come out near enough exposed, there are always those situations where automatic will not expose the photograph correctly.

Some details to help you if you are planning a wedding are that Rachael’s stunning dress was a champagne gown with vintage broach purchased from Paloma Blanca in Boston USA.  The flowers were from Floristic Experience in Scarborough.  The Rolls Royce was driven by Ken, a great bloke who I meet every so often at weddings, supplied by Superior Motor Cars, owned by Chris who I can highly recommend.  The Dean Soloman Band provided the music and entertainment for the evening party, and the chair covers were supplied by Covered by Angels.

Rachael & Tom are on their honeymoon in Greece now.  They are a very well suited couple who I thoroughly enjoyed photographing and working with on their wedding day.  They made me feel very welcome and were very relaxed, simply enjoying the day they had planned.  Their wedding album will be absolutely stunning and I look forward to creating it for them.  Especially as we managed a walk on the deserted beach as the sun was setting.  In the meantime here are some of the photographs taken from their wedding day.  Enjoy…

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