Hazlewood Castle Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – Claire & Michael

Hazlewood Castle Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – Claire & Michael

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Today I met with Claire & Michael at Hazlewood Castle for their pre-wedding photoshoot.  It was really lovely to meet them again and we had a great afternoon exploring the grounds of the castle with me capturing some lovely intimate moments between the two of them.  A pre-wedding photoshoot allows the couple to get used to being photographed as it is not uncommon for most people to not like having their photograph taken.  On a wedding day for the couple it is inevitable that they will be photographed a lot, not only by the professional photographer, but by all the guests, so a pre-wedding photoshoot eases them in to the process to help them relax in front of the camera.

A pre-wedding photoshoot, when held in a public place, can be a little daunting for the couple as it is something that does not come naturally to them.  The public wonder who the ‘famous’ couple are, and with the couple wearing normal everyday clothes people do stop and look trying to work out who they are.  Despite this, almost all pre-wedding photoshoots have resulted in the couple being much more relaxed in front of the lens.  The couple appreciate my style and approach to the photoshoot, and we build up a bit of a rapport so that on their wedding day they are much more relaxed in my presence.  Incidentally today there were not many people around, but unfortunately the weather was not overly good.  However, with the cherry blossom on the trees and the bluebells in full bloom, there were some lovely colours to the background.

Claire & Michael are a great couple and some of the natural intimate moments between them are my favourate photographs.  You can see from the selection below little staging was necessary to create some beautiful images.  I am very much looking forward to photographing their wedding in July.

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