Queensberry Musée – Special Edition Award Winning Wedding Album

Queensberry Musée – Special Edition Award Winning Wedding Album

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We offer nothing but the best quality album to complement our natural and simple photography.  We therefore are very proud to be associated with Queensberry.  Queensberry albums are considered the highest quality of albums, in a simple style tailored to each individual clients requirements, to create a unique album of images.  The Queensberry albums we offer are superb and regularly receive comments about their quality and simple timeless style which compliments our style of photography.
To compliment the Queensberry range of albums, Queensberry announced the introduction of a very unique and award winning album which, although not to everybody’s tastes, will be of specific interest the discerning couple wanting to have something distinctive and uniquely different.  This album known as the ‘Musée’ won outright the ‘Wedding Album’ competition at the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas.
It is not an album readily available to many photographers being an exclusive timeless album of beauty.
Quoting Ian Baugh of Queensberry:
“Musée is French for museum, and it’s been said that turning the pages of a Queensberry album is like walking through the halls of an art museum”.
The goal in the designing of this unique album was to “set a new brand standard, based on exclusivity and museum conservation quality”.
“The most obvious signs of both are Musée’s pages, which have their own story”.

“They’re 100% cotton watercolour paper from the French Arches® mill. The exact origins of Archesare lost in time, but it’s believed to date from the year Columbus sailed to America. You can read its history on its website, as well as some of the famous names associated with it.  We’ll be proud to add those of Queensberry and our clients!”

“But there’s something else we like about the museum metaphor.  When you think of it, although a museum should have its own serenity and beauty, really it exists for the exhibits, in this case the photography”.

“Both the album and photography must be beautiful … but then there’s another level.  Album and photography are both means to an end – telling a personal story that we want to enjoy and share forever”.

“If we forget that, we forget what in the end endows the work with significance and value”.


“But with Musée there is a feeling of intimacy … of unfolding a precious object to get to the precious memories within”.

Johannes’ words fit perfectly with Queensberry’s own intentions: “I want something small and jewel-like … precious and intimate like the memories it contains… I want it to have that feeling of authority that the family Bible has. I’d like it if the leather had laughter lines, like an old couch, as if it had absorbed the wisdom and memories and conversations of the people who had sat in it…”

“Hence Musée’s embossed leather wrap-around cover, the French ribbon closure and the Solander box that encloses and protects it all. (By the way, if you appreciate serendipity, these boxes were first developed by Dr Daniel Charles Solander, a botanist and librarian who visited New Zealand on Captain Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific in 1792.)”

“I hope I’ve painted a picture of a multi-dimensional product – beautiful imagery and design elements … storytelling … artisanship … and of course exclusivity”.

“Because like Queensberry itself, Musée is not for everyone”.

“We talk to our clients about selling “Good, Better and Best”. Musée is Queensberry’s Best. Our design team designed it with an attitude of no compromise – for people who want only the best … beautiful photography, discerning design and the best materials in a product that requires the highest level of artisanship to produce”.

This album is something for the discerning couple who want nothing but the best and something distinctive and different.  It is an album of beauty containing precious and intimate photographs.  We can think of no other album manufacturer producing albums better to show off our simple and timeless photography and what a more fitting album to present our work of your wedding day in than to be able to offer Musée to you.  This album is not for everybody, and not necessarily to everyone’s tastes.  It is also not to everyone’s budget as the album alone is offered alone with a starting price in the region of £2800.  When you consider the album is one of the only things you have from your wedding day to keep for the rest of your lives and is such a precious timeless memory of your wedding day then it is a small price to pay for such an investment.

If you would like more information then either use the contact page on our website, or contact me using the details below.  Visits to our studio are strictly by appointment only.

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