Fountains Abbey Hall Wedding – Magdalen & Ross

Fountains Abbey Hall Wedding – Magdalen & Ross

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Two days after my last wedding I have today photographed the wedding of Magdalen & Ross at Fountains Abbey, and what a fantastic day.  It started pretty much idylic as Magdalen & Ross stayed in the Chorister’s House and as I arrived deer were slowly stroling past the house.  Absolute magic.  From then on the day was perfect with the weather and the small intimate group who were there for the wedding.  Magdalen & Ross, and their guests, made me feel extremely welcome.  They live in the US, though Ross is originally from the UK, so there were a real mix of UK and US visitors at the wedding.  Also Georgina Wells from Ripon was playing the harp, the best harpist I have heard.  I have heard her play before at other weddings and occasionally she plays at Ripon Catherdal I believe.

I enjoyed the day so much that once the wedding was over and the guests had left I spent another couple of hours at Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal taking landscape photographs to top the day off beautifully.  Some photographs taken are below, and I look forward to meeting up with Magdalen & Ross when they return from honeymoon:

Fountains Abbey 1

Fountains Abbey 2

Fountains Abbey 3

Fountains Abbey 4

Fountains Abbey 5

Fountains Abbey 6

Fountains Abbey 7

Fountains Abbey 8

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