Allerton Castle Wedding – Rachel & Doran

Allerton Castle Wedding – Rachel & Doran

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Well I am pleased to post a wedding update since my blog went live.  Rachel & Doran got married today at Allerton Castle.  What a lovely couple, and very well suited.  It was a beautiful wedding day and the weather was not too bad so we got outside to take some photographs.  Rachel was not wearing a traditional wedding dress but looked stunning.  A very photogenic couple and as a result captured some great photographs.  Both the ceremony and reception were held at Allerton Castle which in terms of the photography is great as the lighting, despite being dark, is very rich in reds and yellows, so the colour is very vibrant.  I have posted some photographs below.  Have a great honeymoon Rachel & Doran and the photographs will be waiting for you when you return.

Allerton Castle 1

Allerton Castle 2

Allerton Castle 3

Allerton Castle 4

Allerton Castle 5

Allerton Castle 6

Allerton Castle 7

Allerton Castle 8

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