10 Flowers for your Autumn Wedding Bouquet

10 Flowers for your Autumn Wedding Bouquet

Autumn is on its way and with it comes a magnificent of colours, flowers and themes for extraordinary weddings. Autumnal colours consist of browns, reds, oranges and yellows which make beautiful combinations with varying shades of purple. We have looked at some amazing flowers that we think would look perfect in an autumn Wedding bouquet:


  1. Alstroemeria

This striking flower comes in multiple colour combinations that are quite simply outstanding. With a striped centre and plain petals, this flower would make a statement in your bouquet. It also reminds of Alice in Wonderland, what more could you want for a magical day?



  1. Bouvardia

When open these flowers look classic and elegant whilst closed they have a contemporary and modern air, Bouvardia flowers are simply stunning. When in an autumn floral arrangement the white flower will look spectacular against the seasons colour palette.

Cymbidium Orchid

  1. Cymbidium Orchid

If you’re looking for a lavish flower then the Cymbidium Orchid, known as the Boat Orchid, is the perfect choice for you. Coming in a selection of cream, yellow, brown or red you are sure your bouquet will look in-season and stand out.


  1. Delphinium

Commonly known as Larkspur, this vibrant flower comes in varying shades of purple that will stand out against your traditional autumn palette. The beautiful way this flower grows up the stalk will add an interesting twist to your bouquet.


  1. Echinops

Blueish-purple in colour, Echinops are a beautiful globe thistle that just oozes the season’s feel. This flower’s unique shape will add a quirky touch to a nature-themed autumn wedding day.


  1. Freesia

These fragrant flowers look beautiful as well as smelling amazing. Within a bouquet they will enhance and highlight your other flowers as well as being remarkably striking by themselves.


  1. Gladiolus

Traditionally these colourful flowers are used in larger floral arrangements which would be ideal for table centrepieces or church decorations but they also have a miniature version that will look magnificent in a bridal bouquet as you walk down the aisle.

Hypericum Berries

  1. Hypericum Berries

In bloom the Hypericum produces a small frilly flower that looks adorable. But throughout their growth they produce berries of different shades that add an autumnal touch to your floral arrangements.


  1. Marigold

When it comes to the impressive, Marigolds are simply that. They are the birth-flower of October which makes them more than perfect for your autumn bouquet. With their rich orange colour and unique shape they will stand out against your amazing crisp wedding dress.


  1. Phlox

The delightful Phlox flower works wonderfully with a countryside wedding theme as they grow in woods and meadows. Coming in whites, reds and violets they make a great combination with other flowers as a bouquet base. Their divine smell also lingers in the air adding something truly amazing to your special day.

Autumn weddings are breath-taking as they provide a marvellous colour palette which really reflects the season. DJB Photography have worked with many happy couples over the years and would love to photograph the special moments that you’ll remember forever. Contact us today for a consultation.

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