Why is pre-wedding photography important? | DJB Photography

Why is pre-wedding photography important? | DJB Photography

Why is pre-wedding photography important?

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable and special days of your life so it is important to capture it right. DJB Photography offers pre-wedding photography photoshoots, highly recommended to help you prepare ahead of your big day. So why is it so important?

Going to your venue with your chosen photographer before the big day will help you make the most of what your venue has to offer. Scouting the location will ensure that all hidden treasures are revealed, providing you with an amazing collection of choices to feature in your photos.

Here at DJB Photography, we use an elegant, simple style in each and every shot we take to create a beautiful artistic memory that you can treasure forever. With our wealth of experience we can guide you through which shots would deliver the ultimate picture. The selection of shots taken include couples in the key parts of their venue; close up for intimate personal pictures or long shots that include the beautiful surroundings.

The posing of the bride and groom is key to showing the commitment they have made to each other. You can be guided by us as to which poses convey the best meaning but you may find yourself falling into poses that come naturally to you. Either way we will ensure that each shot we take is unique to you as well as delivering a high quality service.

The pre-wedding photography photoshoot gives you the chance to prepare for different weather situations. You and your photographer can decide on locations, poses and props that will accommodate all kinds of weather, such as sun, rain or snow, so you are not left unprepared.

Contact DJB Photography today to enquire about pre-wedding photography and feel free to browse through our pre-wedding blogs that feature a wealth of photos.

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