Nikon D3x Launched

Nikon D3x Launched

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WOW! The new Nikon D3x with 24 mega-pixels has just been released.  I have sort of put of renewing my trusty and excellent quality D2x camera for a couple of reasons, this D3x being one of them.  There has been a lot of speculation about when the D3x would be launched following a firmware update for the D3 that indicated the D3x was to have 24 mega-pixels.  The question was when the camera would be launched not if.  Having said that Nikon in the past tended to bring out cameras to replace their existing camera range, for example the D2h was superseded by the D2x, and then the D2xs, and again ultimately by the D3.  However it appears that the D3x is to run alongside the D3 with the D3 being for sports and photojournalism, and the D3x being more like a medium format camera in terms of sensor mega-pixel size, and used for still life.  The D3 is faster and can take more photographs in a continuous cycle than the D3x so the question now is whether I upgrade from my trusty D2x, which has been great for the past three years, to a D3 or D3x……I think it will actually be the D3 as my style is more photojournalistic, and although I do take a lot of fine art photography, I know that the D3 is more than adequate to blow up and print out at a large size, large enough for me to be happy with anyway.  There are two main reasons for me to consider upgrading at all.  The D3 range now has two Compact Flash card slots, so this means that if a card were to ever fail, there would be a backup in the camera so you minimise the risk of loosing photographs you have taken (I minimise the risk anyway by using several cards throughout a photo-shoot rather than simply using one large card).  The second being the low light level that the camera can take photographs in at a reasonable shutter speed.  The D3 range can go up to 6400 iso and has little grain on the photographs even at that high rating (great for churches, especially candle lit ceremonies).

Price wise the D3 currently runs in at around the £2850 mark, whereas the D3x is launched with a price of £5850.  A significant difference and although the D3x is expensive for a 35mm camera, at medium format size in terms of megapixels, it is actually quite cheap with medium format digital cameras prices being in excess of £10k.  Photographers must be making some serious money to be using equipment of that calibre.  And I thought I was using the best…

By the way please don’t ask me about the equivalent Canon.  I know very little about Canon being a devote Nikon user all my professional life.  I cannot fault them at all.

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