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Goodwood Revival 2012 – Historic Silver Arrows Racers Press Release

Goodwood Revival 2012 – Historic Silver Arrows Racers Press Release

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 Goodwood Festival of Speed 2008 - Nick Mason in the Audi Auto Union

Goodwood Revival 2012 - Silver Arrow Racer 1


  • Seventy-five years after their first UK appearance, the Silver Arrows racers are to return in action on British soil at the 2012 Goodwood Revival
  • A once-in-lifetime opportunity to see at least 10 Silver Arrows together, including a high-speed demonstration, driven by top-level racing drivers
  • Examples of dominant Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Silver Arrows cars to run alongside contemporary rivals from Italy, France and Great Britain

 After much speculation and excitement, Goodwood is now able to confirm the sensational news that 75 years after the first appearance of the legendary pre-war ‘Silver Arrows’ in the UK, the 2012 Goodwood Revival (14-16 September) will stage arguably the most spectacular historic vehicle demonstration of all time.

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the famous Silver Arrows Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union Grand Prix cars once again being driven in anger at a British motor circuit for the first time in 75 years will make the 2012 Revival a must-attend event for all motor sport enthusiasts.

The iconic Mercedes-Benz W25, W125, W154 and W165, plus examples of the Auto Union Type C and Type D, will be in action at race-speeds in September, with well-known top-level racing drivers behind the wheels of these awesome and significant cars.   This promises to be the biggest thing in historic motor sport for decades. 

Alongside the Silver Arrow racers will be many of the cars that competed against – but were totally out-classed – the dominant Mercedes-Benz and Auto Unions in the late 1930s.  Expect to see examples of ERA, Maserati, Riley, Bugatti and MG on the legendary Goodwood track, alongside the Silver Arrows.

A Brief History of the Silver Arrows

The introduction of the 750kg formula in 1934, along with the promise of significant funding from the German government, led to the arrival on the Grand Prix scene of two of the most evocative names in motor sport history: Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union. Built with little regard for cost, their cars were light years ahead of the opposition, and dominated Grand Prix racing from 1934 until the outbreak of war in 1939.

Abandoning the traditional German racing white in favour of bare metal (legend has it that this was to save weight, in order to keep them below the 750kg maximum weight limit, although the truth of this story is still debated), the cars quickly gained the nickname of ‘Silberpfeil’ (Silver Arrows in German)’, creating a legend that endures to this day.

By 1937, when the cars raced in the UK for the first time, power outputs were approaching 600bhp – a level that would not be equalled in Grand Prix racing until the turbo era of the 1980s. Such was the speed and sound of these monstrous machines, and the astonishing feats of the daredevils who drove them, that the English crowd – more accustomed to seeing Rileys, MGs and ERAs with less than half the power of the German cars, competing in handicap races – were rendered utterly speechless.

With the full support of Mercedes-Benz and Audi, the 2012 Goodwood Revival will recreate the spirit of that momentous day in 1937, with a race-speed demonstration of as many as ten of these fabulous machines, including examples of the Mercedes-Benz W25, W125, W154 and W165, and Auto Union Type C and Type D.

Piloted by world famous drivers, the Silver Arrows will stage a carefully choreographed ‘race’, alongside examples of the British and Continental ‘cannon fodder’ that raced against them in period – providing all the spectacle of a real race, but without risk to these priceless machines.

Low-speed demonstrations by individual Silver Arrows are an impressive sight, and this will be the first time that so many of these mighty machines have been driven together at full racing speed since the Yugoslav Grand Prix, on 3 September 1939 – the day after WWII broke out. As such, it will be a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience – arguably the most momentous occasion in the history of historic motor sport.

To complete the spectacle, the cars will be housed in an authentic recreation of a period pit/paddock building, based on the distinctive structure at the Bremgarten circuit in Switzerland, alongside period transporters.

Switzerlandhad strong links with the Silver Arrows. The Swiss Grand Prix was a highlight of the European Championship from 1935-39, with the Bremgarten track was regarded as one of the most challenging in the world:

Additionally, the European Hillclimb Championship was very important during the 1930s, being won by such star drivers as Hans Stuck and Rudolf Carraciola. The Klausen Pass event was one of the most popular on the calendar, won in 1934 by Carraciola in a Mercedes-Benz W25, beating his rival Hans Stuck in an Auto Union.

More information about this one-off Goodwood Revival spectacle will be confirmed over the coming months,

Tickets and further information for the 2012 Goodwood Revival and Festival of Speed can be found on the Goodwood website ( sport/), or via the Ticket Hotline as follows:

Telephone: +44 (0)1243 755055

On-line via the Ticket section of the website sport/

For all Media enquiries, please contact Gary Axon or Janet Bradley at the Goodwood Motor Sport Press Office:

Telephone: +44 (0)1243 755109

Fax: +44 (0)1243 755115

E-mail: or

Goodwood on Facebook:

Festival of Speed:


Goodwood on Twitter:

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SOLD – For Sale – Mini Cooper Diesel 1.6TD (Chilli Pack) Immaculate (2007/57)

SOLD – For Sale – Mini Cooper Diesel 1.6TD (Chilli Pack) Immaculate (2007/57)

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SOLD – For Sale – 2007 (57) Mini Cooper Diesel 1.6TD with Chilli Pack, 104g CO2/km, Auto-start/stop, Economical (60+mpg)

For Sale Mini Cooper Diesel
For Sale Mini Cooper Diesel
For Sale Mini Cooper Diesel
For Sale Mini Cooper Diesel
For Sale Mini Cooper Diesel
For Sale Mini Cooper Diesel
For Sale Mini Cooper Diesel
For Sale Mini Cooper Diesel
Pepper White, Black Roof, 17″ Flame Spoke Alloys, Cloth/Leather Ray Carbon Black Interior, Sport Leather Steering wheel, Remote Control Alarm, Rear Spoiler, Chrome-Line Exterior, Mirror Caps in Body Colour, Floor Mats, Sports Seats, Storage Compartment Pack, Front Foglights, Air Conditioning, On-board Computer, Interior light Pack, Radio Boost CD, Second Remote Key, Run-flat tyres (with plenty of life left), new front brake disks and pads.

Excellent condition, regularly polished and well maintained. Owned by Mini Enthusiast.

£10,250 (Priced to sell)


Photography Training Course | Camera Training

Photography Training Course | Camera Training

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Would you like to learn:

The fundamentals of photography?

How to use your camera?

The art of taking better photographs?

I am currently taking bookings for a 6 week photography course held primarily on a Monday evening at Helperby Village hall.

The course is primarily aimed at beginner / intermediate level as a follow-on course from the ‘Basics of Photography’ course previously held.  It will cover the basics in less detail than before, but will cover them for any new attendees, and also as a refresh for those who require it.

The course is therefore structured for the initial weeks analysing the technical aspects of using a camera to obtain a better photograph, an overview of focusing, the lens aperture, shutter speed, and film speed (ISO rating) and how they relate to each other.  We will concentrate very much on full manual mode, though will touch on aperture priority and shutter priority modes.  We will take a more in depth look at lighting, and explore taking photographs in different lighting situations, also looking at artificial lighting and the white balance settings depending on the colour temperature and type of lighting available.  The course will also cover colour and texture, and although will concentrate on landscape photography, will also touch on abstract, portraiture and product photography.  I will also touch on some basic image editing with Adobe Photoshop.

There will be various pieces of work that I will set for the class each week so that you can put in to practice what you have learned.  The pieces of work will be themed to encourage class members to be creative in the subjects you take, allowing members to interpret any set work in your own way.

The course has fully illustrated course notes, with example photographs used to help people understand about what is being taught.  I have a laptop with projector that can be used to show photographs and examples.

You will be required to bring a camera with you as some evenings we intend to be outside photographing with a little more practical work than the beginner course.  It does not matter if your camera is a film or digital camera.  An SLR would be preferable, though any camera where you have the ability to use manual mode to change your aperture, shutter speed and film speed is fine.

Dates for the course are as follows:

Monday 11 April 2011

Monday 18 April 2011

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Monday 9 May 2011

Monday 16 May 2011

Monday 23 May 2011

The time is 7pm – 9pm and the course cost is £45 per person.

If you would like any further information then please contact me, and thank you for your interest.

Old Photographs to Digital | Scan Old Photographs | Scan Negatives to Digital | Photograph Restoration

Old Photographs to Digital | Scan Old Photographs | Scan Negatives to Digital | Photograph Restoration

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Despite specialising in wedding photography it is often not realised the other services we offer and have done in the past for our clients.  Working as a wedding photographer over the years you learn an awful lot, not only about photography, but digital imaging and image editing.  It is therefore worth posting to inform you of some of the other things we can do, from scanning old photographs, scanning negatives, photograph restoration, to photography training. 

Whether you are an artist, a media company, or private individual, we can offer a range of photography and digital imaging services to help you achieve your goals.

Old Photographs to Digital

One service which is very popular is our scanning services.  Scan old photographs to create a digital image, whether it be to JPeg file format, as a print, or a DVD of images to music, we have top of the range equipment and software to do this to the highest possible standard.  We can scan negatives to digital, scan slides to digital, as well as scan old photographs.

We have the facilities to create a DVD with menu facility of photographs in a slideshow, either with or without music accompaniment, and can create not only DVD’s but PC EXE files, screensavers, MP4 & AVI files.  MP4 files can be played on most smart phones including the iPhone.  Please contact us for more information and quote.

Photograph Restoration

Another popular service we offer is the restoration of old photographs.  Old photographs and negatives deteriorate over time, so it is often worth creating a digital copy of the photograph.  This allows you to keep the original safe and to limited its further deterioration whilst having a digital copy to print and hang on your wall.  We can repair the digital version of the photograph to how it used to look, removing creases and marks if required.

Again we can supply the image in digital image format, or as a digital print.  Our digital prints are light-fast guaranteed for 75 years under normal lighting conditions, and use nothing but the highest quality paper and inks.

Image Editing

We can offer image editing services for photographs and digital images that require work to create a desired effect, or to clean up or remove parts of the image.

Please use the contact form on the contacts page for more help, information and prices.

QR Codes

QR Codes

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You may have noticed that recently all my blog posts have included a strange square black & white image at the beginning.  If you are wondering what they are, they are known as a QR Code, a 2 dimensional barcode used to store information to be scanned by your mobile phone device.  Just recently I have realised the potential of using QR Codes.  I first read about them when reading a magazine and at the bottom of each article was a QR Code.  The text indicated that I could scan this in to my phone.  I set about searching iTunes for a QR Reader and chose Red Lazer, a free QR Code and barcode reader.  Scanning the QR Code was so simple and directed me to a stunning video clip relating to the article I was reading.

Realising the potential for QR Codes I set about doing some research into what they are and how they can be used, and was quite amazed to find that I appeared to be somewhat behind the times as they have been used quite extensively, especially in Japan and the USA for quite a while.  Further research showed exactly what information they can store.  Initially I believed they were a quick link to a website URL, but they can store a whole host of information including e-mail addresses, vCard, vCalendar, Twitter & Facebook profile names to name but a few.  The one below has my vCard information to store my contact details in your phone.

Primarily I can see the potential for printed material and the use of QR Codes.  It is an easy way for mobile technology to be used to collate information without having to manually type the information in to your mobile device.  I can see that a QR Code is likely to be included on business cards, appointment cards, and any printed material to direct you to where further information exists online.  It is likely to also be used for promotions, and limited time offers.

So give it a go.  If you do not have a barcode reader on your mobile, download one for free.  Like I say, for the iPhone I use Red Lazer, but I believe there are lots of different barcode readers to choose from.

  • You see a code,
  • Scan the code,
  • Your phone decodes the code
  • Your phone displays the text, link
It is so simple and effective.
Queensberry Musée – Special Edition Award Winning Wedding Album

Queensberry Musée – Special Edition Award Winning Wedding Album

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We offer nothing but the best quality album to complement our natural and simple photography.  We therefore are very proud to be associated with Queensberry.  Queensberry albums are considered the highest quality of albums, in a simple style tailored to each individual clients requirements, to create a unique album of images.  The Queensberry albums we offer are superb and regularly receive comments about their quality and simple timeless style which compliments our style of photography.
To compliment the Queensberry range of albums, Queensberry announced the introduction of a very unique and award winning album which, although not to everybody’s tastes, will be of specific interest the discerning couple wanting to have something distinctive and uniquely different.  This album known as the ‘Musée’ won outright the ‘Wedding Album’ competition at the WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International) in Las Vegas.
It is not an album readily available to many photographers being an exclusive timeless album of beauty.
Quoting Ian Baugh of Queensberry:
“Musée is French for museum, and it’s been said that turning the pages of a Queensberry album is like walking through the halls of an art museum”.
The goal in the designing of this unique album was to “set a new brand standard, based on exclusivity and museum conservation quality”.
“The most obvious signs of both are Musée’s pages, which have their own story”.

“They’re 100% cotton watercolour paper from the French Arches® mill. The exact origins of Archesare lost in time, but it’s believed to date from the year Columbus sailed to America. You can read its history on its website, as well as some of the famous names associated with it.  We’ll be proud to add those of Queensberry and our clients!”

“But there’s something else we like about the museum metaphor.  When you think of it, although a museum should have its own serenity and beauty, really it exists for the exhibits, in this case the photography”.

“Both the album and photography must be beautiful … but then there’s another level.  Album and photography are both means to an end – telling a personal story that we want to enjoy and share forever”.

“If we forget that, we forget what in the end endows the work with significance and value”.


“But with Musée there is a feeling of intimacy … of unfolding a precious object to get to the precious memories within”.

Johannes’ words fit perfectly with Queensberry’s own intentions: “I want something small and jewel-like … precious and intimate like the memories it contains… I want it to have that feeling of authority that the family Bible has. I’d like it if the leather had laughter lines, like an old couch, as if it had absorbed the wisdom and memories and conversations of the people who had sat in it…”

“Hence Musée’s embossed leather wrap-around cover, the French ribbon closure and the Solander box that encloses and protects it all. (By the way, if you appreciate serendipity, these boxes were first developed by Dr Daniel Charles Solander, a botanist and librarian who visited New Zealand on Captain Cook’s first voyage to the Pacific in 1792.)”

“I hope I’ve painted a picture of a multi-dimensional product – beautiful imagery and design elements … storytelling … artisanship … and of course exclusivity”.

“Because like Queensberry itself, Musée is not for everyone”.

“We talk to our clients about selling “Good, Better and Best”. Musée is Queensberry’s Best. Our design team designed it with an attitude of no compromise – for people who want only the best … beautiful photography, discerning design and the best materials in a product that requires the highest level of artisanship to produce”.

This album is something for the discerning couple who want nothing but the best and something distinctive and different.  It is an album of beauty containing precious and intimate photographs.  We can think of no other album manufacturer producing albums better to show off our simple and timeless photography and what a more fitting album to present our work of your wedding day in than to be able to offer Musée to you.  This album is not for everybody, and not necessarily to everyone’s tastes.  It is also not to everyone’s budget as the album alone is offered alone with a starting price in the region of £2800.  When you consider the album is one of the only things you have from your wedding day to keep for the rest of your lives and is such a precious timeless memory of your wedding day then it is a small price to pay for such an investment.

If you would like more information then either use the contact page on our website, or contact me using the details below.  Visits to our studio are strictly by appointment only.

Damian James Bramley

DJB Photography

Address:  The Old Post Office, Myton-on-Swale, York, YO61 2QY

Telephone:  01423 360553

Mobile:  07944 742241




Photography Course – The Basics of Photography

Photography Course – The Basics of Photography

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Due to demand I have put together a photography course which I am planning to run locally to start in the next few weeks.  The course is aimed at beginner level and was conceived as a result of a couple of friends who expressed and interest in learning how to take better photographs, but who are not familiar with the basics of how a camera works and the majority of functions of the camera.  The course has been built on the back of a course I have provided to businesses who have a camera they use for taking photographs of products, or at events, who are wanting to ensure better results, with a better understanding of the camera.

The course is aimed at anyone looking to learn about the ‘fundamentals of photography’, ‘how to use the functions of your camera’, and the art of taking better photographs’.  The course is therefore structured so that for the initial weeks we look at the technical aspects of using a camera to obtain a better photograph, looking at focusing, the lens aperture, shutter speed, and film speed (ISO rating) and how they relate to each other and the effects of changing each of these settings.  We will look at aperture priority mode, shutter priority mode, and full manual mode.  The course will investigate the rules (or guidelines) of composition to help capture a more pleasing structured image.  We will then look at lighting, and explore taking photographs in different lighting situations, also looking at artificial lighting, and the white balance settings depending on the colour temperature and type of lighting available.

There will be various pieces of work that I plan to set for the class each week so that the other members of the class can review and comment on each others results the following week.  The pieces of work will be themed to encourage the class to be creative in the subjects they take, allowing members to interpret any set work in their own way.

If this course proves successful then I may consider putting together an advanced course at a later date.  My reasoning for holding a course to start imminently is due to the light evenings there is the possibility of take photographs outside during class time.  Also class members are more likely to photograph during the summer when they go on holiday so will hopefully put into practice what they have learned, and if a more advanced course was to run then class members can bring the photographs they have taken during the summer.

The course has fully illustrated course notes, with example photographs used to help people understand about what is being taught.  A laptop with projector will be available during class time to be used to show photographs and examples, and class members can show their photographs via this method as opposed to printing out photographs if they do not have the time or facilities to do so.

If the more advanced course was to run later in the year then this will probably look at the history of photography, looking at famous photographers work, investigate different cameras used throughout the life of photography, how photography was conceived, how photography has changed, where it is going and how it is changing.  It will possibly also look at the more technical aspects of photography and the use of artificial light, and creative use of artificial light.

The course is likely to start the second week in June probably on a Monday evening, and I realistically require a minimum of eight people.

If anyone is interested then you can give me a call on 01423 360553.
Photographic Recession Victim – Spicer Hallfield in Administration

Photographic Recession Victim – Spicer Hallfield in Administration

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It has just been announced that the UK’s leading album manufacturer has gone in to administration.  Spicer Hallfield has been recognised for many years as one of the most popular album manufacturers for UK photographers.  They offer a range of different styles of album to cater for many styles of photography.  However apparently due to the reluctance of the RBS to increase their loan, they have found themselves in financial difficulty and the administrators have been called in.  The reports I have read indicate that the company will continue in some form, with the hope that an investor will take on the company.  It would have to be hoped so as a lot of UK photographers could also be affected as a result.

I personally use and continue to solely use Queensberry Albums of New Zealand.  In my opinion the highest quality of albums I can offer my clients, with very stylish simple designs.  With over 50 different cover materials to choose from my clients can have an album that is truly tailored to their own taste.

I do wish Spicer Hallfield all the best and hope that they find funding and continue trading, not only for the sake of the company and its employees, but also for its customers.

James Martin, Be Inspired – Business Link

James Martin, Be Inspired – Business Link

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Yesterday evening I attended an inspirational talk by the chef James Martin, organised by Business Link at the National Railway Museum in York.  What an evening.  I never expected the evening to be organised the way it was.  I heard that James Martin was coming to give a talk from receiving an e-mail from Business Link and the seminar was free.  Naturally when someone who has made it like James has and the chance to hear him talk is free then I want to be there, but I was very much expecting it to be a lecture theatre style layout and to simply hear him talk.  I was therefore quite amazed and very pleasantly surprised when I arrived to be met with a glass of wine and to see the place set out with table cloths, place settings, ready for a meal.  I did wonder whether I had come to the right place, to be honest, as I did not expect a full sit down meal with approximately 400 other like minded business people from in and around Yorkshire.  To say that Business Link pulled out all the stops and really went to town is an understatement.  It was organised very well and was a very pleasant evening.  Having James Martin speak was a bonus.

James really talked about how he has got to where he has and become a television star, as well as owning quite a number of businesses, not only restaurants, but a range of different businesses including a couple of clothing shops.  It was very interesting to hear how and at what age he started, and his passion for being a chef, and what he had to do to get to where he has.  Living on the Castle Howard estate I suppose he was fortunate to have the opportunity to work in the kitchens at Castle Howard by the age of 8 and he worked his way up knowing he wanted to do better and follow a passion to work with the masters in the industry.  I suppose some chefs would be very happy to get the opportunity to work in the Castle Howard kitchens alone but James had a drive to want to achieve higher.  I would certainly enjoy the opportunity to photograph a wedding at Castle Howard as I photograph at a lot of fantastic venues around the country, and Castle Howard is certainly up there with the best of them.

I think being in debt to the tune of £18k and working for nothing, moving away from his family to go to London at 17 is not something that most people would willingly consider, but if you have a passion for something then you aim as high as you possibly can to work at the highest possible level.  James set his sights on working with the best in the best kitchens in London in order to learn his craft, and getting the opportunity to work in television seems to be where his career turned around from being poorly paid to being very well paid for what he does.  At the young age that he has achieved his ambitions he was very inspirational, especially at a time when a lot of businesses are being hit by the recession.  I wonder whether he would have made it if he had stayed in Yorkshire, as opposed to working in both London and France.

James has recognised his name as being a brand and uses that to endorse products, and in his business speculations.  He believes everyone is a brand and how you market that brand will ultimately lead to whether you become a success.  If you have a passion for something then you will ultimately work as hard as you can to achieve your ambition, and to this day James will be the first in to work and the last to leave.

If you get the chance to hear James speak then I would recommend taking the opportunity as he was witty, and being a Yorkshire fella had that dry sense of humour that Yorkshire folk are renowned for.  I would highly recommend people taking advantage of the seminars that Business Link have to offer at the moment, as most are free, and they offer a lot of very helpful advice for anyone in business.  All in all a very worthwhile and great evening.

Yorkshire Spring Brides Wedding Fair Show – Day 2

Yorkshire Spring Brides Wedding Fair Show – Day 2

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After a busy weekend at the Yorkshire Spring Brides Wedding Fair Show I have finally got everything put away and just getting back into my normal working week.  Day 2 seemed busier than day 1 with a constant flow of people passed my stand.  In some cases there were a few too many people at the stand and I was unable to speak with everybody.  However I have given out plenty of brochures and literature, and spoke with a lot of people potentially looking for photography services for their wedding.  This is one of the best shows in the area and although overall there may have been less people through the doors than previous years, there were certainly a lot of genuinely interested couples.  I expect a fair few number of couples to contact me after they have had an opportunity to review the literature they have collected at the fair, and with 13 photographers in attendance there is certainly a lot for people to think about when choosing a photographer.

I want to thank Cathy at Yorkshire Brides for giving me the opportunity to have a stand and for the organisation of the event.  It was very professional indeed and I would recommend it to couples looking at attending a wedding fair in the future.